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Dell Windows 98

Retro Dell Dimension 3000 Windows 98 SE Desktop Tower PC P4 3.00GHz/80GB/512MB


Vintage Dell Inspiron 3800 Windows 98 Gaming/CNC/Embroidery Laptop Free shipping


Dell Dimension XPS R400 P2 400MHz 120GB AGP ISA Windows 98SE DOS Gaming Tower PC


Vintage Dell Latitude CPt Laptop Windows 98 SE Office Serial Port CD+Floppy DOS


Dell Optiplex Gn+ Pentium MMX 233MHz 96MB RAM S3 Trio64V2 Windows 98 DOS Gaming


Vintage Win98 Dell Latitude XPi CD Pentium 166Mhz / 64MB / 773MB HDD. WORKING


Windows 98 / DOS Gaming Retro Pentium 4 Dell Computer with Options


Dell Dimension 2350 Windows 98 Computer GeForce MX440 P4 2.2 GHz 40GB 512MB


Vintage Dell Dimension 4100 | Pentium III | 128MB RAM | 19GB HDD | Windows 98SE


Vintage Windows 98 SE Dell Pentium III Beige CRT monitor KB Retro Gaming System


Dell Dimension L733r Windows 98SE vintage gaming machine! CLEAN! Ready to go!


Dell 1200mhz Windows 95/98se/NT/2000/XP/Dos Compatibility laptop computer


Vintage Windows 98 DOS Computer Pentium 4 2.4GHz 80GB CD-R Games CNC Industrial


Retro Dell Dimension 3000|Pentium 4|Windows 98SE + XP Pro SP3|512MB RAM | 80GB


Retro Dell Dimension 2400|Pentium 4|Windows 98SE + XP Pro SP3|256MB RAM|40GB


RETRO VINTAGE Dell Windows 98 SE / DOS Computer Pentium 4 Win98 WinNT NT 4.0 SP6


Vintage Dell Dimension L800r-PentiumIII-800MHz-382MB RAM-20GB HDD-Windows 98SE


Dell Windows 95/98 DOS Tower Desktop Gaming Computer PC


Retro Dell Dimension L400c Celeron MMX 400MHz 192MB RAM 12GB HDD Windows 98 SE


RETRO VINTAGE Dell Windows 98 SE / DOS Computer Pentium 4 Windows 98 Win98 40GB


Vintage Dell OptiPlex GX110 Pentium III 256MB RAM 20Gb HDD Windows 98 SE


DELL Latitude CPi A366ST Pentium II 366MHz 128MB RAM 40GB HDD CD-ROM Windows 98




Retro Dell Dimension 3000, Dual Boot, Windows 98SE & XP Pro SP3


Dell Windows 98 SE DOS Computer Win98 Win98SE Parallel Serial Port w SSD


Dell Dimension XPS R350 Vintage Windows 98 Fresh Desktop


Dell Business Industrial Pentium 3 Computer Win95 98 Windows 98 MS-DOS CNC


Vintage Dell Inspiron 7000 Intel Pentium II 366MHz, Windows 98SE, 128MB RAM 20GB


Vintage Games Dell GXM 5133 Computer Pentium 133MHz Windows 98 64MB RAM 1GB HDD


Commercial Dell T500 Dimension Vintage Desktop Win98SE Windows 98 P3 RAID NIC


Vintage Dell Dimension L1000r Tower PIII 1.0ghz 40gb 256mb Windows 98se Desktop


DELL Latitude CP M233ST Pentium II 233MHz 128MB RAM 10GB HDD CD-ROM Windows 98


VINTAGE Windows 98 SE DOS Gaming Computer P4 Industrial Machining Embroidery CNC


MAXXED RETRO Dell Windows 98 SE / DOS Computer Pentium 4 Win98 / XP Dual Boot


Vintage Dell Windows 98 SE DOS Computer Win98 Win98SE Parallel Serial Port Win98


Dell Dimension 4300S P4 1.5GHz 256 MB RAM 20 GB HD SFF Computer WIndows 98 SE


Commercial Vintage Dell Pentium 2 Desktop Win98SE Windows 98 DOS CNC ISA x 2 !


Vintage Dell Dimension L500c Tower Intel 500mhz 13gb 256mb Windows 98se Desktop


WINDOWS 98 SE Retro DOS Gaming Computer Dell Dimension 4600 w/ Games Installed


Dell Latitude 1200mhz Windows XP/2000/Win98/Win311 Dos 6.22 Laptop computer-